Wednesday, February 22, 2006

little moments in time, HAH!

A Poem for You, Q

Thanks for the message you wrote to me.......
thanks for the words that sounded sincere,
you made me smile
you made my heart light
when you told me that only I was right,
the Only one you desire, (???)

and so for a while ( a mere short moment in this day),
I suspend disbelief
to fully enjoy this bright feeling
and pretend that this can actually be
not just a one-off feeling, but actually Something
that you hold in your secret heart
and spoken as though
you would speak it everyday

But I know better
this short sunshine
is but a moment
that I have suspended ---- in time
thank you though, ....... in spirit......................
it was Fun, ....pretending !!
yes, I had a great few hours laughing at my reminiscences
and at all that I have learnt along the way..............


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