Wednesday, January 11, 2006

what the f-ck

so, she said, you still cant forget her ? no, he said, she's all that i love & i'll wait forever, i'm sure if i wait long enough, things will work out, its a matter of having ENOUGH strength to WAIT it out........and i need you to lend/give me strength and courage .......and hold my hand er ..... while whispering hope. ( hey, now i get to be the fairy "whispering hope" !)

gee whiz, sigh, sorry.......well, I just dont have the time to wait it out while some person makes merry partying away, while i sit there waiting .......forget it. Thats just treating yourself stupidly . Are you waiting for that person to be sorry for you ? why are you sitting there like a loser ? you think she's gonna feel guilty ? and come back and say "sorry"? for if she does, she AND YOU will soon regret it ..... stop making her feel she's got to come back to you cause you're incapable of taking care of yourself, mentally & physically. If she comes back for this reason, you're gonna be sorry real soon. yeah, he said, but she DOESNT know that i feel mentally incapacitated! so your argument is wrong! oh yeah? so now you enjoy suffering in silence? oh, you dont know what else to do ? i mean i can understand you suffering nobly for a couple of yrs, but THREE or is it going to be FOUR YEARS now that she's been cool to you, and still you sigh and moan and can barely get thru the day ! yeah, yeah, you've heard all this b4, and you're now tuning out .....
....... yeah, yeah, i'm very impatient nowadays......... perhaps because i've got better things not to mention LOADS of things to do that are still undone and have NO time to sit here by Messenger listening to your moans & sad reflections ! ........ yeah, yeah, now you make me feel so cruel to cut you short like that ( gee whiz .... I'm tearing my hair out now, moan!!!) ............ yeah, yeah, goodbye, you're never going to seek my help everagain ......( what a relief....... albeit tinged with regret & guilt ) ........ perhaps now i'll have time to get some urgent things done ! and i mean URGENT!! so sorry and all that ...... but my time is limited by this CUT sign, see ? CUT not laughing ? so so sorry ........ assy ...... no, no, surely you didnt hear me call you ass-inine ? oh you did ? well, we live and learn ................... so what did you learn ??..... no no, not heartless me.


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