Monday, February 13, 2006


hey Jenny, why did you say that I have to pick myself up when I fall down, cause noone's going to do it ? wouldnt you have helped me ??? I thot you were my best friend........ now I'm not so sure ........ and to make sure I get the message, you even wrote it down for me !?!? what a shocking unpleasant surprise you gave me when I read it. And now I habour suspicion against you and our friendship's never gonna be the same again .......... see what a little sentence can do ?
In fact I suddenly wonder why you hang around me ........... cause I'm like , the smartest girl in the class ?? there's some cachet to be gained ?? ......... gee whiz, I guess we're not REALLY friends are we ?? ( now that I start to analyse this friendship )
At the same time, you make me sad ........ I really liked you ....... you looked so gentle and your skin is so FAIR ........ hmmm, you look like an english girl !!! save for the black hair of course, and the eyes etc. I guess though that I have judged by appearances ........ and you're just a cruel, advantage taking , mean person. You hurt me but you pretend that you dont understand my bewilderment, and in fact you seem quite satisfied that you have successfully stabbed me . .......... yes, your heart is now apparent to be seen ....... it is a piece of slate stone.

and yes, photos do lie........ its all a matter of angles, light and shade.


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